Whoever said you can’t listen to upbeat music in winter is a big fat liar. Because I’m doing it right now. *Obnoxiously sticking my tongue out.*

Coasts are a Bristol-based pop heavy band with driving melodies and peppy vocals. The band is going for a tropical vibe, which is clear through their music and their photos/band name/press release (I think I read the word “tropical” every other sentence). But, hey, it’s warm and inviting stuff. The first single, “Stay,” off their debut EP, Wildfires, is a kick in the rear, and as I write this from the cozy confines of my apartment, I’m compelled to head outside  and DO SOMETHING. I have to figure out what first, but at least I know I gotta!

Coasts – “Stay” [MP3]

(Wanna know what came up next in my iTunes? Cobra Starship’s “Good Girls Go Bad.” Featuring Leighton Meester!)

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