Stone Cold Fox

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Since this is my first post ever for Knox Road, it’s probably a good place to define my music taste for you, the readers. The most important thing you should know about me is that I like my music big. It’s why Arcade Fire remains my favorite band, why I can’t get enough of strings, horns, group sing-along choruses and stomping bridges.

The best song from new band Stone Cold Fox, “Pictures,” does a nice job of conveying this big picture, cinematic music (even without any strings, horns, or stomping drums). Part of the beauty of SoundCloud is that it allows us to literally watch a song unfold, and anticipate the wall of sound that’s about to hit. The second I saw the SoundCloud box for “Pictures,” which sees small vertical black lines slowly grow from the beginning into huge ones, I got a good vibe. The sound that finally hits, 57 seconds in, is a memorable chant of “ohs” that takes its time to grow throughout the track in between verses until it masterfully carries the song away in its final minute.

The rest of Stone Cold Fox’s debut EP, The Young, is solid, heartfelt Americana that at times brings to mind The Walkmen, and other times a more guitar-based Head and the Heart. It’s worth checking out, filled with five well-structured, four minute tracks with great songwriting and a knack for strong melodies. The band was started in 2011 by Kevin Olken Henthorn and Ariel Loh, and the EP is getting its official release on February 24, when they play in Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn.

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