[MP3] Inspired and the Sleep: “What I Want and What I Need”

Well, Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, and whether we’re head over heels in love or reeling over a broken relationship, we appreciate the whimsical music that comes with it. Our buddy Max Greenhalgh, aka Inspired and the Sleep, recorded a cutesy twee song for I Love You & Stuff, a Hi54LoFi Records Valentine’s Day compilation release.

On “What I Want and What I Need,” Greenhalgh teams up with Kaila Abruzzo as they sweetly bounce off each other’s voices. And, as Greenhalgh said, “Yes, that’s a smooch at the very end.” ADORBS.

Inspired and the Sleep – “What I Want and What I Need” [MP3]

Inspired and the Sleep on Bandcamp

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