You’ve likely noticed that I’m keen on starting the work weeks with something unique and uplifting. We don’t often (read: never) get Hindi folk submissions, and while at first the distinct sound can be a bit off putting, I think you’ll grow to love it like I have. Maggie8’s complex arrangements and excitable, orchestral instrumentation will surely put them on the fast track to success. When I can tell from recorded songs that I would love a band’s live show, they must be in pretty good shape. Check out a couple tracks off their recently released This Charming Lady EP below.

Maggie8 – “This Charming Lady” [MP3]

Maggie8 – “Khet” [MP3]

Maggie8 on Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

Maggie8 are Nivedita Pisharoty (vocals and bass), Mark Wright (vocals, guitar and banjo), Peter Mottram (keyboards), Dominic Hand (trumpet and melodica), James Mann (guitar) and Matt Figgis (drums).

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