Triple Gangers

For those of us who had work (or school) off due to Martin Luther King Jr. day, I’ve got a band that will surely provide a jump start to our real week. This Toronto trio knows how to have fun with their music, and, better yet, knows how to show the listener that this is the case.

3XG, their debut EP released free in December, is full of bouncy pop, sheets of synthesizer for a little r&b flavor, and an unwavering youthful jubilance. The colors you see in the photo above are an apt match for the sound, and even the lyrics themselves tell us not to take this whole life thing too seriously. Triple Gangers is a pleasant distraction to an otherwise cold and dreary last few days.

Triple Gangers – “Saltwater” [MP3]

Triple Gangers – “Flowerbed” [MP3]

(p.s. Triple Gangers includes members of The O’Darling, an orchestral folk group covered on Knox Road in early 2009.)

Triple Gangers on Bandcamp | Facebook | Tumblr

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