Leonard Friend

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more open with my music taste, as I was pushing away certain bands because of their descriptions not “fitting my aesthetic.” What the hell does that even mean?? Who am I? Certainly not important enough to be thinking like that. I’M SO SORRY.

To correct my ill-advised former decisions, I’m listening to more than ever. Electro, R&B, Funk, you name it. Do I like most of it? Nope! But I’ve definitely found a few gems so far. Leonard Friend, aka Alex Feder, formerly of Brooklyn’s the XYZ Affair, fits well into the “Dance/R&B” category, and certainly gives off an indie-vibe if you need the “i” word to help you at least press play.

Enjoy Leonard Friend, friend. (I hope you don’t mind me losing it in 2012.)

Leonard Friend – “The Whole Thing” [MP3]

Leonard Friend – “Serious Music” [MP3]

The Lynyrd Frynd EP will be available digitally January 31

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