the star department

During my short blogging absence (I mixed in a few posts here and there, but I took a nice little break from the grind over these past couple weeks), I was able to listen to music I’ve missed from 2011 and music I’ve missed from being a crazed music blogger in general. This entails music that meant a lot to me when I first started my current genre-listening habits.

Stepping back makes us realize why we start all this internet nonsense in the first place and what we try to keep telling ourselves. Nothing else in this world, except for that pit in your stomach of “being in love” (come on, you know it’s a pain, but a happy one…most of the time) truly makes us feel like music does when all is said and done. It’s the soundtrack to our lives; our emotions; our fears. It gets us over the hump and it shoves us right back under it.

Nostalgia is funny, really. The smell of baked cookies or boiling chicken soup brings us back to a happy place when we were bubbling with life as a child. And even if we overestimate the value of that happiness (were we ever truly ‘content’ as kids?), music never fails to do the same. For that, I am grateful.

I’m honored to be able to write about the sounds that touch me on a consistent basis, and in my own little world to help make this whole thing go-round. Maybe I’ve had an effect on your emotions. I don’t know. But if I’m even close, it makes all the difference.

Enjoy a new song from an Irish band I find to be very “early 2000s soft indie pop”. It’s the first single off the forthcoming album, the pea green boat.

the star department – “Antlers” [MP3]

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Thank you for indulging me. Happy 2012.

2 comments to the star department

  • Kilian

    You are so right, Lee, absolutely right.
    Thanks for this wonderful blog.

    Lee Levin Reply:

    Kilian, that means so much to me and to the other Knox Road writers. Thank you.