Soul Glimpse

For as much as I love ambient music, it can be a bit of a one-trick pony. Baltimore’s Soul Glimpse, the ambient face of Austyn Sullivan, takes what could have been well-done-but-fairly-standard ambient fare and pumps it up a bit. Typically, this type of music sets a mood for me, then leaves me alone to explore wherever my mind may take me. Rarely does ambient music effectively convey a strong passion or emotion, but Soul Glimpse does just that. The vocals become another instrument in the mix, blending seamlessly with the music and pushing these songs just a bit beyond what you would expect.

You can check out Recollections on the Soul Glimpse Bandcamp page for free. Also, Sullivan recently added a pretty amazing cover of Drake’s “Fancy” so check that out as well.

Soul Glimpse – “A Reverie: You Became The Phantom” [MP3]

Soul Glimpse – “A Waltz (To Wonder)” [MP3]

Soul Glimpse – “Fancy” (Drake cover) [MP3]

1 comment to Soul Glimpse

  • I dont really know much about ambiant music apart from it being a come down genre (I may be wrong) and like you say a bit one dimensional but I guess you could say that of most music genre’s, it’s only when you get to know the intricacies does it extend beyond its sameness. I loved the first song very much, however by time the 3rd I’d drifted of into my own thoughts. Maybe thats what this music it created for. Personally I like to be slaped in the face and be told ‘dont you dare not pay 100% attention to me!!’