Ivory Weeds releases new album, I Am… Entropy

So, last time I told you to watch for a new Ivory Weeds album coming soon. Well, soon is now.

John Chriest (aka Ivory Weeds) recently released his latest album, which is just as delicate as his previous material but enhanced by new sounds and more complex song structures. Chriest plays around with unique rhythms, and the backing of violin, clarinet, and the occasional extra vocalist gives Ivory Weeds the solid footing they need to keep breaking barriers and pushing forward until everyone feels Chriest’s emotive hums.

Happy Sunday night.

Ivory Weeds – “We Shouldn’t” [MP3]

Ivory Weeds – “Melt and Combine” [MP3]

Ivory Weeds – “My Love” [MP3]

Get I Am… Entropy free at Bandcamp

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