Power Player

The baritone should remind you of someone. If it doesn’t, you may need to read this blog more often. But we’re okay with first-timers and newbies. Welcome!

Power Player is the project of Ryan Ross Smith, based out of Oakland, CA, who occasionally records with others. The music will not make you jump out of your seat in dance, but it will keep you rocking back and forth as you sit on your porch and stare out into the abyss that becomes Winter. When you think it’s about to clear up, the fog settles back in. A random synth, a tropical rhythm. And it will all be okay.

Power Player – “I Kind Of Fell In Love” [MP3]

Power Player – “Adopt a Hiway” [MP3]

Power Player – “1 on 1” [MP3]

Power Player on Bandcamp — Get their latest album for free

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