[MP3] Hands: “Warm Night Home”

Are you serious, Lee? Another Hands tune is available for download?? Mere days before several CMJ shows (one with our good blogging friends over at I Guess I’m Floating)???

I could keep going, but that would require way more question marks than I’m comfortable with, so I won’t. But Geoff Halliday and co. are gracing ears yet again with their spacey sounds, and I’d be remiss not to show it off. “Warm Night Home” is actually the poppiest song I’ve heard yet from the Hands crew, marking a bit of a departure from their sample heavy electronics. That sound is still present, but it takes a back seat to Halliday’s vocals here, which can be a bit abrasive at times but grow on you as you realize how well they mesh with the progression of the song. I think it will take some time for them to harness this style, but man, the crescendo at 3:08 is great.

Hands – “Warm Night Home” [MP3]

If you’re hitting up CMJ, I recommend checking these dudes out. You can buy me a drink while you’re at it (…aka, come say hi; I’ll be around!).

Hands on Knox Road | Bandcamp | Facebook

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