Rems Floating Chandelier

I don’t know where bands get their names from these days. I mean, seriously. Rems Floating Chandelier? I guess the less sense the name makes, the more authentic the band is. …Kidding. I hope.

Luckily, this very new trio (started in March, 2011), from Northern Virginia, deserves to call themselves whatever they want, because their dream pop is exquisite. Electronic samples make up the meat of the sound, but RFC adds in stringed instruments in irregular places. Most songs have a fairly substantial transition in the middle of the track, leading to spectacular unpredictability.

Rems Floating Chandelier – “When I’m With You I Feel Strange” [MP3]

Rems Floating Chandelier – “Lucille” [MP3]

Rems Floating Chandelier – “Third Projection” [MP3]

Rems Floating Chandelier on Bandcamp | Facebook

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