Weird grammar notwithstanding, the kids behind Pittsburgh experimental quartet, IKE., (including RIVKA‘s Reggie Wilkins) know what they’re doing. Oftentimes it’s difficult to tell when a band is actually having fun making music, but with IKE. it’s apparent from the very start; I can see them smiling through my speakers.

IKE.’s sound is sincere to the core and and their choruses of cheery harmonies will brighten your day. I expect this sound to appeal to many – a mix of contemporary lo-fi pop with old school pyschedelic shoegaze will make IKE. a permanent fixture in the indie scene for years to come. Check out a few songs below from IKE.’s free debut s/t album, released in May.

IKE. – “We animals. – just Animals.” [MP3]

IKE. – “Change Option.” [MP3]

IKE. – “Beautiful DANCE.” [MP3]

IKE. on Bandcamp | Facebook

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