Glenn Jones’ The Wanting fills us with satisfaction

The Wanting is an intriguing title for Glenn Jones’ fourth solo record, and first for the Thrill Jockey label. You expect to feel a deep yearning of sense of loss pouring from each song; instead, each track is completely satisfying and exudes feelings of contentment.

Jones comes from the John Fahey and Robbie Basho school of finger-style guitar players. He picks his way across the guitar (6 and 12 string varieties) on this record, but he also adds a bit of banjo to the mix on tracks like “The Great Swamp Way Rout” and “Menotomy River Blues”. The epic album closer, “The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville” is a stunner. Here Jones is joined by drummer Chris Corsano for a collaboration that delivers a track-long struggle between guitar and drums. Jones guitar is sometimes pushed aside by Corsano’s percussion, only to rear up in a controlled frenzy, righting the balance until the skirmish begins again.

Like Jack Rose before him, Glenn Jones is hell-bent on taking this style of guitar playing on a long series of new adventures. These songs sound familiar and comforting but they are also new, fresh and inventive. The Wanting is a rewarding listen that’s refreshing, fulfilling and complete.

Glenn Jones – “Of Its Own Kind” [MP3]

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