[MP3] Milly Beau: “Taylor”

My Milly Beau friends are fast gaining momentum and ready for the big time. Since I last updated you, the group has had a major makeover. While shoring up the band members, they added a pianist with a smoothy smooth voice who could probably go solo himself. Count that as a plus. They also just released their newest song, “Taylor” (part of their live repertoire for quite some time), which shows a sharp departure from earlier material. The group has embraced their poppy jazz side, which will certainly benefit them in the long run.

And, of course, MaryBeth Doran’s voice is as strong as always.

Milly Beau – “Taylor” [MP3]

For the New Yorkers among us, Milly Beau is playing a September residency at The Living Room every Friday. Expect more exciting news from this talented group soon. You can purchase their second new single, “Tribute,” via Bandcamp.

Milly Beau on the web | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter | Knox Road

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