[MP3] The Farewell Circuit: “Make It Right”

Confession: I’ve been sitting on a gold mine for a little while now, and I’m finally able to give you a sneak peek. The Farewell Circuit have completed their newest album, In Our Bones (to be released soon), and I’ve been lucky enough to hear it.

A band we’ve championed since I-can’t-even-remember-when, The Farewell Circuit, from Minneapolis, made their most mature album yet, showing off their talents with enormous depth and variety. They’ve matured tremendously as a group since we first heard them, which is fairly evident on “Make It Right,” one of the standout tracks off In Our Bones, and, naturally, the first single.

“Make It Right” has a rollicking rhythm, strong piano backbone, reverb-drenched harmonies, and, because of a slight delay, the faintest echo throughout. We let the song encapsulate us as it builds up to its final third, and then we’re snapped out of the spell by a booming crescendo.

The Farewell Circuit – “Make It Right” [MP3]

I love these guys.

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