Golden Fable

Remember the band-with-the-longest-name-ever-that-actually-makes-really-fantastic-music? Well, I do. That would be Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam. I wrote up a post about one of their more angelic songs, “Choices,” a while back, and have been eagerly awaiting more from them since Life Stream.

It just so has it that Tim McIver and Rebecca Palin, two of the main Tim & Sam members, started a new project called Golden Fable, with a fairly similar sound to Tim & Sam. But this project showcases Rebecca’s vocals more prominently and has a much darker side, especially on “The Chill Pt. 2,” the duo’s debut single. The limited edition single is set to be released on November 7, but you can pick up the Double A-side single for free on Bandcamp. Both songs have plenty of color.

Golden Fable – “The Chill Pt. 2” [MP3] (at 2:22 it becomes a must-have song)

Golden Fable – “The Golden Hour” [MP3]

Golden Fable is set to a release a self-produced 11 track LP in early 2012.

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