Tiger Waves

Tiger Waves, technically based out of Austin, is a duo (James and Reid) that began their music by sharing sounds across the internet. James was in Austin and Reid was in Chicago. As we’ve seen before, more bands are attempting this technique of cross-country, or even international, music making, and why not? Yes, there’s something to be said for chemistry and working together in a windowless room and learning each other’s personalities and nuances and all that jazz. But I love that space won’t keep a band apart these days; they’re able to do long distance relationships with success (at least for a little bit…but isn’t that the case with all of them?) — sharing sounds and building off of them. I applaud that. Music has no barriers.

…Do we have a running count on clichés I’ve used in this post?

Anyway, check out Tiger Waves’ special brand of surf-rock below, on one of their more produced tracks. I’d like to see similarly polished music from this duo soon.

Tiger Waves – “Fireworks” [MP3]

Tiger Waves on Bandcamp

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