[soundscape] this is how i want to remember it.

photo: ‘requiem’

song: bishop allen – “flight 180” [MP3] (buy)

‘now rushed into this brightness
as if by a shutter
that, once opened, can never be closed.’
billy collins

i want to remember how the laughter danced off my tongue in molecules. i want to remember how the sunlight fell on your shoulders. i want to remember the way the coffee tasted. i want to remember the way the music felt. how my heart swelled.

i want to remember being barefoot.

i want to remember you whispering. the smoke curling around our heads like halos. the late nights. the long drives. the impossible requests. the things i never said.

i want to remember the moments of joy. the beautiful melancholy of heartbreak. the way the wild night air tasted. city lights whirring like lightening bugs caught in mason jars.

i want to remember the way the wind cut through me, the way it took me away.

i want to remember that, once, i disappeared.

i want to remember the twinge of regret. the fear of loss. the way that love shifted and danced and laughed.

i want to remember, the moment it all ends, the golden, encompassing light.

photo by bari sowa | more

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