Soak in Faces on Film’s re-release of Some Weather

Faces on Film, the alter ego Boston-based songwriter Mike Fiore, recently reissued his second album, Some Weather, on the Nice Music Group label. Originally self-released, the record now gets the wider exposure it deserves, and with good reason. Faces on Film’s sound has a welcome familiarity about it, landing Some Weather squarely in the “more of a good thing” category. Fiore’s vocals sound very similar to a hybrid of My Morning Jacket and Fleet Foxes. Musically, Faces on Film treads a bit more of the experimental folk path, in a Devendra Banhart way rather than say Wooden Wand.

The album’s more robust tracks, such as “Manitoba” and the album’s two openers “Knot in the Vine” and “Moon’s Row” are the most satisfying. These songs are full, melodic and atmospheric. Things get scaled back toward the middle of the album, where Faces on Film show folk roots with simpler arrangements and a slightly slower tempo. “Make Nice” and “Bride” are great examples of Faces on Film dialing back their folk sound into a trance-inducing groove.

Some Weather is a nice collection from Faces on Film and certainly worthy of investigation by the always curious music junkie. What I like most about Some Weather is how much is screams of bigger and better things. This album feels like a prelude to a classic but for now I’m going to sit back and soak in Some Weather; I recommend you do the same. Check out three songs off Some Weather below.

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