[MP3] Lanu: “Fall (feat. Megan Washington)”

So, I gotta be honest with you (which begs the question, am I usually not honest with you?). It took some time to get this song cleared to post for download on Knox Road. It’s available as a free download on Lanu’s Bandcamp (which I recommend you check out — there are more great free tunes there), but we wanted to post it for you guys with our standard method here. And you know what? I could have just let it be and posted it from a Bandcamp embed and that would be that.

But “Fall,” featuring Megan Washington (she of one of my favorite songs, “How To Tame Lions”), needs more. It needs preferential treatment. Because it’s one of the more charming and elegant songs I’ve heard in quite some time. Washington provides rich vocals to match the angelic crescendo of the electronic chorus. Anyone who is a sucker for soft pop and female vocalists is in for a treat.

Lanu – “Fall (feat. Megan Washington)” [MP3]

“Fall” is the second single off Lanu’s forthcoming album, Her 12 Faces, which is set to drop August 15.

Lanu on the web | Bandcamp

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