[MP3] ohnomoon: “Sleeping Limbs”

As hard it as it can usually be to get back into a routine, I’m happy to be posting here again. I recently returned from my lengthy work trip and I certainly missed this blogging stuff.

Lots of things have changed since I was gone. The backend of WordPress (our publishing platform for Knox Road) looks different with a sleek new redesign, Gmail was upgraded, Google Plus is suddenly legit, a great diner near me closed (that one actually happened before I left but I’m still in denial).

You know what hasn’t changed? The plethora of awful music to comb through as we try to find the hidden gems. So when I finally find an artist worth posting (come on, I should have found something much quicker after a two week hiatus!), as I have with ohnomoon, I get excited. ohnomoon, you have me excited. Bravo.

“Sleeping Limbs,” perhaps defining shoegaze, saunters its way into our ears with meandering female vocals and a guitar-heavy backing. It’s a promising track for a young new New York act.

ohnomoon – “Sleeping Limbs” [MP3]

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