A lot of people like to hate country music as a whole. “I like mostly everything,” they’ll say, “except country. I HATE country.” But isn’t it interesting how many country haters just ADORE Johnny Cash? “Well, that’s different, that’s OLD country.” Look, there is definitely a difference between say, Patsy Cline and Toby Keith and no, it’s not just that one is old and one is new. The difference is that Patsy Cline is a country artist while Toby Keith is a pop artist with a southern accent.

In fact, new, great country music exists today that won’t get played on your local country stations. One of those emerging acts is Boise’s Larkspur. The band classifies their sound as “classic country,” meaning it leans, of course, a little more toward Patsy Cline. Leading the band is the sweet and lovely Gia Trotter from The Very Most, who I mayyyyy have fallen in love with during their set at Ranch Fest. Backing up Trotter is a host of Boise musicians, most from Sleepy Seeds, another great act.

The band formed last year and has been kicking around the live circuit, playing both local venues and bigger festivals. Their sweet, short songs are instant crowd-pleasers, although Trotter’s presence doesn’t hurt either. Her vocals are reminiscent of some of the more popular indie pop acts of today like She & Him or Tennis, but the songs are are pure country. So far Larkspur has only recorded a couple of old covers but they’re still a breath of fresh air in the indie scene.

How often in indie music do you hear lyrics like “I’m walking the floor over you / I can’t sleep a wink that is true / I’m hoping and I’m praying as my heart breaks right in two / walking the floor over you.” With the band’s understated, minimalistic approach, they end up with what are basically country-style pop songs–as a lot of classic country music is and was. As the lines that determine what is and is not “indie” music begin to blur, Larkspur comes out with something that is simple and enjoyable. What’s more country than that?

Larkspur – “Walking The Floor Over You (Ernest Tubb cover)” [MP3]

Larkspur – “My Last Date With You (Skeeter Davis cover)” [MP3]

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