[Abby’s Road] From the Ridiculous to a Little Less Ridiculous

Or: Films I took Seriously Back in the Day – a new AR series.

Firstly, excuse me for not showing up two weeks ago. My brain wasn’t allowing me to write. It happens.

This year marks my 20th year out of high school. While I’m not celebrating it per se, I am thankful […]


As a rule, never take your eye off Texas. There’s always something happening there and typically it’s worth your attention. If I remember correctly Sundress were covered in buzz after their SXSW performance earlier this year. After listening to “Derelict,” it seems the hype is well deserved.

New Winter Villains songs

Enchant me.

Winter Villains – “House of Knives” [MP3]

Winter Villains – “Thorns” [MP3]

Winter Villains – “The Air” [MP3]

More Winter Villains on Knox Road | Bandcamp

[Hype Hype Hooray] Ranch Fest: The Secret Idaho Music Event of Your Dreams Pt. 2

Last time on Hype Hype Hooray: Jamie and Brittany get an invitation to a super-secret Idaho music festival/party. They accept! After receiving the secret directions, they pack up the car and begin the journey. Will they find glory? Shame? Or will the experience be overall neutral? Find out more this week in Ranch […]

[MP3] John Ralston: “Love Will Come Around”

I didn’t know how I felt about this song when I first pressed play, but as it continued I found myself liking it more and more. I guess you could say it “came around” on me. Bad joke.

Ralston comes out with a burst of energy from the very start, and when the […]

Boxes: “Throw Your Stones”

Do you remember several months ago when Ben Gibbard was making noise about the new Death Cab for Cutie album being heavy on keyboards and possibly giving a nod to Brian Eno’s Another Green World? When I heard Codes and Keys I had to wonder what happened to that album. Good news! I […]

[MP3] Kites With Lights: “Cosmonauts”

Kites With Lights is back with the deliciously electro pop, 80s-influenced “Cosmonauts,” the title track to his newest album, out August 9 via 24 Hour Service Station. Pre-orders and streaming are currently available on Bandcamp.

This is the type of sound I want to party to. Not too cheesy, but retro enough to […]

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw make for an excellent collaboration on Night Gallery

When it comes to ambient psychedelic music, this new collaboration between Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw, arguably two heavy-weights of the genre, is akin to the landmark jazz summits between Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane or Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins. Putting the names together makes you take notice, but when you actually […]

Colossal Gospel

Yes, you may have heard similar sounding folk tunes before. No, the familiarity does not take away from the music. Colossal Gospel, out of Alabama and entirely non-religious, is a duo with striking harmonies and a southern folk flair.

Without the ability to afford studio time, the fellas shacked up in the closets […]

[MP3] Sebastian Waldejer: “We Never Get Away Anymore”

Norwegian music reminiscent of Kings of Convenience (my comparison)? Sign me up! Sebastian Waldejer, from Stavanger (the west coast of Norway), is a young singer/songwriter who’s been making the rounds of late in his hometown. Offering delightful pop with his latest 7” single, “We Never Get Away Anymore,” Waldejer shows a maturity of […]