Having featured the band Warm Weather the other day, I felt it necessary to balance things out around here. Thankfully, clownfacee’s Winter EP popped into my life and, much to my chagrin, things have stabilized (whew). The Winter EP is a spacey, experimental creation by Mike: the man, the myth, the legend.

It takes some time to allow clownfacee to sink in just right. Though it can be glitchy and takes your mind for quite a spin, it’s ultimately soothing in its “visual” music ways. Go ahead and let Mike soundtrack your life for a few days.

clownfacee – “Annabelle” [MP3] (yes, there are vocals. and the last minute is pretty stellar.)

clownfacee – “eyestheyflutter” [MP3]

clownfacee – “Wander In the Night” [MP3]

clownfacee on Bandcamp | Tumblr

“clownfacee is a real party time. come see us play/talk to us about your most recent dream or breakfast or sit and doodle on napkins with us or show us your tattoos or bring us buffalo chicken pizza.”

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