Casa Castile

Sometimes a hot summer afternoon calls for a tall cold drink and a soft breeze to really make the heat bearable; Nashville’s Casa Castile is an indie-rock equivalent. Largely the work of Andrew Nabuco, Casa Castile joins elements of synth-pop and shoegaze dripped though a psychedelic filter.

Nabuco’s latest offering, Umbra, is a fine collection that serves as a much needed break from the constant barrage of new bands rehashing old sounds. Casa Castile’s sound isn’t groundbreaking, nor is it a rehashing of a tired genre; it’s just done well. Umbra reminds me of several different bands from various genres and time periods, but, ultimately, none of that matters because the music is crafted well and certainly calls for repeat listening. The eight tracks are satisfying and well worth your time.

Casa Castile – “Desert Cat” [MP3]

Bonus: Casa Castile – “Lights, Flashes” [MP3]

Casa Castile on Bandcamp

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