[Abby’s Road] You Eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too.

Have you everything in order? Preparing for post-rapture looting? I have been quite busy passing German language proficiency examinations and job searching to really let the event sink in. For those in DC who’d like to score some sweet stereo equipment after midnight, a friend of mine who’s unsure about the whole shebang will be leaving her door unlocked, just in case her going to Sunday school when she was 14 or marrying a guy with a Jesus beard is grounds for getting into heaven.

As I mentioned about a year ago, I’m not big on mixed tapes (or the word “mixtape” obviously) in the blogosphere. They should be personal and the means to things like breaking up or making babies. But, I mean, if these are the end times or whatever, why not throw caution to the wind and throw together a list. So, here goes…

Abby’s (virtual) Rapture 2011 Mixed Tape – Songs for the Rest of Us (the sane ones)

“God’s Cop” – Happy Mondays
“Rescue” – Echo & the Bunnymen
“Buggin’ Out” – A Tribe Called Quest
“Sub-Culture” – New Order
“Soaring High” – Flying Saucer Attack
“One of Us Cannot Be Wrong” – Leonard Cohen
“Molten Universe” – Kyuss
“1999” – Prince
“Temptation” – Heaven 17
“My Wandering Days are Over” – Belle & Sebastian
“I Want to Wake Up” – The Pet Shop Boys
“Silver Rocket” – Sonic Youth
“Last Broadcast” – Doves
“Off Your Face” – My Bloody Valentine
“More than This” – Roxy Music

Happy weekend.


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