Let’s take it back to 2004 like we’re listening to The Format or Guillemots again. Popular indie music has recently transformed into a “my stuff must be weirder than anything you’ve heard in your life for me to be cool” thought process. Well, you know who doesn’t fall into that fast-becoming quicksand? Fialta, a fun-loving California indie pop group who wear such a description on their sleeve. The tunes are full of strings, keys, whistles, handclaps, guy/gal harmonies — the whole shebang.

Fialta’s members are multi-instrumentalists and multi-vocalists; they take turns on each song and within each song. The group released a “3P” just a few days ago and are recording a full length debut this summer. Hell yeah.

Fialta – “Summer Winter” [MP3]

Fialta – “Porphyria’s Lover” [MP3]

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  • Schroeder

    I loves me some Fialta, and I am glad they did not fall into the quicksand! Can’t wait for them to do a live show.