Phantom Kicks

San Fransisco’s Phantom Kicks create minimalist electro-pop, with shades of post-rock thrown in to even things out. Minimalist and post-rock in the same sound? I thought it was impossible once, too. But after listening to more and more “genrefied” music, the lines have been blended and barriers taken down.

A picturesque sound is apparently what Phantom Kicks is going for – I wouldn’t be surprised if they scored a film sometime soon. They’ve also toured with KR buddies Letting Up Despite Great Faults, so they’re already a step ahead ’round these parts. The five-song Tectonics EP marks the group’s debut. Check out two of my favorite tracks below and download the rest for free on Bandcamp.

Phantom Kicks – “Better Days Of” [MP3]

Phantom Kicks – “Cut From A Different Clay (feat. Cameron Spies)” [MP3]

Phantom Kicks on Bandcamp | Website | Facebook

2 comments to Phantom Kicks

  • Aren’t any bands tiring of the mid-eighties-pastel-geometric- shapes-for-their-album-art album art? I’ve seen this cover like 47 times in the last 2 years. Gee willikers.

    Forgive me. I have a stomachache to boot.


    Lee Reply:

    I feel like we’ve featured these types of covers here quite often. Maybe we just happen to like all music with album covers like this.


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