Notable Album Release: Butcher The Bar – For Each A Future Tethered

Butcher The Bar is Joel Nicholson out of Rotherham, UK, who last graced our ears with his debut album three years ago, Sleep At Your Own Speed. He’s back and at ’em come June 21, the date he releases his follow up album, For Each A Future Tethered, via one of my favorites, Morr Music.

Nicholson provides playful yet wistful folk pop; his songs drip with nostalgia. The arrangements are Not only is the sound comforting, but it’s also prodding. Let’s not just sit back reserved, remembering. It’s time to stand up for yourself, boy. You may not know it from the surface of the fancy arrangements and instrumentation, but Nicholson’s breathing air into our lifeless lungs.

Butcher The Bar – “Bobby” [MP3]

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