Winter Villains

So, interesting story. Mostly. Late last night, I was listening to a new band, as has become par for the course writing a music blog and all. (End of story. Just kidding!) I quickly became enamored with their sound, and decided to check everyones’s best friend to see if any tags were associated with the artist, Winter Villains. Not only did I find no tags, I found not one single listen. When we discuss new bands, oftentimes they have less than 2,000 listeners on such stat-tracking systems as But being the first listener (or one of the first, considering can take some time to load listens)? I’m not sure if that’s ever happened to me. Don’t they scrobble their own music?? Hey, Winter Villains, stop being so modest! Let us know you listen to your stuff. It’s beautiful.

The band’s first two studio songs, “Icebergs” and “Patterns,” were released a couple days ago for free on Bandcamp, and I encourage all regular Knox Road visitors to download the songs and be on the lookout for more. Get yourself in the right mindset before you listen, though. Relax, put those headphones on, and wait for the full effect of both songs. They slowly build to refreshing orchestral crests, with slight piano taking over in the middle of each.

Sure, the music is soft; but it lacks no shortage of vim.

Winter Villains – “Icebergs” [MP3]

Winter Villains – “Patterns” [MP3] (wait ’til about 1:20 in)

Winter Villains are from Cardiff, UK.

Winter Villains on Bandcamp | Tumblr | Twitter

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