[MP3] Cisco Adler & The Pigeons: “Body Language”

Looks like Cisco Adler & The Pigeons’ “Body Language” has been floating around for quite some time, but a fully mastered/finished version was recently posted on Bananabeat Records’ website for free consumption. It’s not so similar to the music we typically post here (then again, we try not to fully pigeonhole (so sorry) ourselves), but it puts a smile on my face. It’s also appropriate for me right now as I’ve LEFT New York City – I was able to “leave this town”! …For the week. I’m home in Boston for Passover.

To my fellow Jewish folk, Happy Passover! To many others, including my co-authors on this here blog, Happy upcoming Easter! I’m sure Jamie will have something to post on the matter. Meanwhile, I digress.

Cisco Adler & The Pigeons – “Body Language” [MP3]

Cisco Adler & The Pigeons on the web [link removed] | Facebook | iTunes

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