[Video + MP3] Germany Germany: “Take Me Home”

I love instrumental songs (in this case, mostly instrumental…) with a story to tell. Even if it’s telling someone else’s story. Such is the case with “Take Me Home”, whose music video is comprised of clips from the independent German film, Marsmädchen, made by Sophia Emmerich. Marsmädchen is almost exclusively soundtracked by Germany Germany, aka Drew Harris, out of Victoria, Canada. Watch, enjoy, and grab the mp3 below.

Germany Germany – “Take Me Home” [MP3]

“Take Me Home” is off Germany Germany’s forthcoming album Adventures. Cassette pre-orders for Adventures will start May 1 at distorteddisco.com. The full online and cassette release is set for mid-May.

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  • Ok. So I love this…the whole of it: sounds, images, title, name…for like 47 different reasons. Fantastic. I will be pre-ordering.