Notable Album Release: Soft – Dogs

It’s always nice (and pretty surreal) when a band gets in touch with us about coverage after we were fans of them before the blog even started. Such is the case with Soft, whom I actually featured on my first music blog way back in high school (don’t worry, that blog is longgggg gone). Thing is, I hadn’t heard much of anything since then from Soft, so to have them pop up in my inbox was a nice surprise.

Soft, out of NYC, recently released their newest full-length, Dogs, produced by Chris Coady, via Academy Fight Song Records in the US and Fabtone RecordsAnd Records in Japan. Vocals blend into guitars and it’s really as if all the instruments are one on each Dogs song. Apparently, that’s what the five-man Soft crew is going for, as their subject line in the email read “A shoegazey thing…”. Apt description, boys. Don’t be scared, though; the sound still resonates with the mainstream ear too.

Soft – “Bleary Eyes” [MP3]

Soft – “Fall Into Sand” [MP3]

Soft on the web | Facebook | MySpace

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