[Abby’s Road] The Soundtrack of My Life

It changes, as quickly as day turns to night. As a child, even before the inspiration of music videos, while on long car trips in the back seat I remember imagining I was in a movie. Or I guess watching a movie…or watching myself watch a movie. Regardless, sounds of the radio backed the moving pictures outside of my window: countryside, trees, city lights. It was comforting and made time pass quickly. My imagination still works this way, while on the train in particular.

I often times think, and say, depending upon my company, how much I covet the idea of having a sound machine packed with thousands of 10-second snips of songs strapped to my hip complete with an inconspicuous loud speaker. A holster for a musical pistol. I would use my hair-trigger instinct to press a button releasing music which corresponds to/with the person who just walked into the room. Basing the musical selections on both past experiences of those I know and first impressions of strangers alike this could provide hours of demented and hilarious entertainment.

I’ve been a bit distracted this week as my beloved cat, Misha, has been in ill health. She is what one calls a “senior feline” as she is 14 years young. Of course, she had a theme song when she was first brought into my life back in ‘97 via the stylings of my lovely friend Alli: Mo Money Mo Problems (a brilliant track in its own right). Seriously. Just change Biggie’s lyrics roundabout 2:09:

B-I-G, K-I, T-T-Y
no in-fo, for A, B-B-Y

You don’t have to tell me how banging it is cause I know, bitches.

Yes, anyway, after a house call from the vet and some blood work, looks like some medicine is in order and she should be tip top again. She is more like a human than I thought and likely ate something she shouldn’t have. Only wrinkle in the getting healthy plan is a trip to the vet’s office today for an abdominal ultrasound. Now, if you knew the freakshow carnival that every single trip to the vet EVER has been for The Mish and I you would be laughing and crying right now. So, think of us fondly today, perhaps in fast-motion, a nurse and a vet chasing a furball around an examination room and keep us in your good thoughts, today’s soundtrack ringing out in the back of your mind.

Happy weekend.

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  • That first paragraph could have been written by me. I know exactly what you mean, my mind works the same way. It’s funny that traveling particularly brings the feeling of music soundtracking your life in such a cinematic fashion. Great article.