The Pear Traps

So, I’ve had to listen to my fair share of lo-fi over the past few years or so as I’ve become a music “blogger” and the scene has changed to hype the bedroom rock stars. I used to really dislike the sound; why would I listen to such raspy music when I could hear higher quality sounds? But I’ve found an appreciation for it through all the listening, and some acts have had a great impact on me, proving that lo-fi can take its place in my discerning ears.

One of those acts is The Pear Traps, a five-piece band from Chicago, who recently released their self-titled EP on Bandcamp (to be physically released in May). The lead single (currently free), is “Coming Home,” a gratifying folk pop tune with an addictive guitar line, which is actually quite smooth considering the aforementioned reverb-filled nature of the music (you hear those vocals? Damn.).

The Pear Traps – “Come Home” [MP3]

The Pear Traps on Bandcamp | MySpace

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