[Hype Hype Hooray] “If I’m in a coma, can you keep track of indie music for me?”

Every [two weeks?] Jamie Hale takes a long, hard look at the music industry and the blog scene that feeds it. Here, he releases those findings and makes snarky, sarcastic remarks. Admittedly, both Jamie and Knox Road are a part of this scene. So sue us.

I have an addiction. It’s a horrible, […]

[MP3] YesYou: “Half Of It”

Certainly not me, but definitely this Brisbane producer duo (Jono Kirkham and Gav Parry, aka YesYou), who enjoy the help of James O’Brien (of The Boat People) and the St. Margaret Angelican Girls’ School Choir on vocals for the first single, “Half Of It”, off their forthcoming dance pop debut.

You know what? […]

[MP3] Color of Clouds: “Sleep”

Yes, it’s true; new music from Knox Road favorite, Color of Clouds! Dan sent us their new four-song EP, Tiny Hammers, to be digitally released May 17, and it shows a new side of CoC. I’m providing the track “Sleep” below, as it best represents the slight change in sound. Kelli Scarr’s vocals […]

Winter Villains

So, interesting story. Mostly. Late last night, I was listening to a new band, as has become par for the course writing a music blog and all. (End of story. Just kidding!) I quickly became enamored with their sound, and decided to check everyones’s best friend last.fm to see if any tags were associated […]

[Abby’s Road] Pulling the Plug

The galaxy of sound is deep and wide. My feet, however, are firmly planted on the amplified planets. I like the way electrified music makes my body feel; I like a driving beat, booming basslines and for my innards to flutter under the decibels of a live performance. As kids, it seems we […]

[MP3] Hezekiah Jones: “Borrowed Heart”

Hezekiah Jones, from the lovely Yer Bird Records, was recently featured (as in, two days ago) on Weathervane Music‘s independent artist series “Shaking Through.” This is volume two, episode four of “Shaking Through,” and “Borrowed Heart” is Hezekiah Jones’ featured song. Good choice, I say! It’s eerily beautiful, with an acoustic guitar as the backbone throughout the echoing strings, haunting “ahhhhs,” and hushed harmonies.

Hezekiah Jones – “Borrowed Heart” [MP3]

Hezekiah Jones on the web | Facebook

For an idea of how many people Hezekiah Jones can be, check below. It’s an astounding discovery after listening to such a coherent song.

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[Video + MP3] Black Light Dinner Party: “Older Together”


Music videos I love have been popping up with more frequency this past week or so, including Germany Germany’s “Take Me Home,” and now Black Light Dinner Party’s “Older Together.” I’m only familiar with Black Light Dinner Party because it’s a project of a good Knox Road friend, whose […]


Jhameel makes fun music. Out of Berkeley, it’s hard to classify the sound as, well, anything. In my book, that’s usually a good thing, as long as the sound flows. And in Jhameel’s case the music flows like a river with streams of life. (That’s from some random hymn I just found online. […]

Does the Siren Festival’s facelift really hurt anybody?

Yes. Yes it does. But I say that with a hint of over-dramatics. The Siren Music Festival has gathered thousands of music fans to Coney Island every year for the last ten years, boasting free admission to see great veteran acts (New York Dolls, Broken Social Scene, Built To Spill, Ted Leo, etc.) […]

Notable Album Release: Falcon – Disappear

Brooklyn’s Falcon are set to self-release their debut full-length, Disappear (which you can already download on Bandcamp), on May 17. They’ve toyed around a bit with the Falcon EP in 2008 and composed a soundtrack to author Daniel Wallace’s illustrated book O’Great Rosenfeld. But what’s really interesting here is that Falcon’s songs were written […]