I don’t know how I missed Teletextile. They’ve been on all sorts of our friends’ sites and have performed at CMJ, among many other nearby places, yet only now am I hearing their music. Guess I should actually listen to something aside from what we post here…novel and modest idea, huh?

Anyway, it took a super late realization that a high school friend is currently in the band and was inviting me to shows on Facebook to listen to them. And listen I did – the songs are gorgeously orchestrated and, while I can’t say I’m surprised because of memories of this friend’s musical ability in high school, I’m blown away by how dazzling the music really is.

Teletextile has primarily been the work of Pamela Martinez, a multi-instrumentalist (harp, piano, violin, guitar) and vocalist, though she’s branched out with an ever-evolving crew of bandmates, and it seems the newest one is sticking. Martinez is originally from San Antonio but the crew is NY-based now (surprise!), though she did get to go back to her old stomping grounds (…state-wise, at least) for SXSW performances. The band is currently working out a potential European tour for the summer, so they’ve got big things in store. Check out two songs below off their latest EP, Reflector.

Teletextile – “I Don’t Know How To Act Here” [MP3]

Teletextile – “What If I” [MP3]

Teletextile on Bandcamp | Website | Facebook | MySpace

(Bottom line: Thank you, FaceSpace, for keeping me in the music loop, because we don’t get it enough elsewhere.)

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