Crash Collect

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that I’m featuring Crash Collect a few days after profiling Nijae Draine (the lead singer).

Crash Collect relies less heavily on Draine’s voice than her solo material and incorporates a good deal of electronica. The duo’s sound is poppy and experimental, crescendoing and decrescendoing at unique times. I can listen to Crash Collect songs several times over without getting bored, which is nice for such short tracks. If you think it’s a little weird at first, give it a shot. “Move” breaks into a very Florence & The Machine-like chorus, and “Stonecold” gets pretty soulful and dancey mid-song.

Originally, Draine was going to send me the whole Smolder EP (four songs) for free download here, but decided the best solution would be to offer you guys two free songs, one at full price, and a fourth at 25% off (until the end of April, 2011) if you type in “bloglove”. So, when you purchase “Stonecold” on Crash Collect’s Bandcamp, type “bloglove” in the discount code field. Cool stuff, right? Thanks, Nijae!

Crash Collect – “None But One” [MP3]

Crash Collect – “Move” [MP3]

Crash Collect on Bandcamp

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