I don’t know where Kindlewood came from (I mean, physically, they come from the DC area, I’m just surprised I’d never heard them!), but a friendly contact passed them along and I’m impressed. Their debut EP, I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, was released in November 2010, and they’re currently finishing up their first full-length, Desiderium, which will be out in late May. In the meantime, the first promo track off that album is ready to go in “This House,” and it couldn’t be more toothsome (when was the last time you heard that word?).

Featuring delicate, pristine vocals from Kelci Smith, and the subtle instrumentation of third wheel Jamison Lyman (the other member is Galen Smith – he and Kelci were high school sweethearts), Kindlewood delivers a lustrous brand of alternative folk. Dig in, ladies and gents, because this band ain’t going away any time soon.

Kindlewood – “This House” [MP3]

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