Summertime Kids

It’s been a mostly mellow week on Knox Road, and that continues with Summertime Kids, the moniker of Gainesville, Florida’s Nick Roberts. He’s 19 years old and has a whole world ahead of him, but it’s slightly disheartening that he’s making such melancholic songs. His first solo album, Table Manners, was recorded at the latest hours of night (aka morning), which is fairly easy to tell from the emotional tone.

The thing about this kind of music, though, is that it makes us most comfortable in our own skin. Through the wistfulness, there are shades of hope.

Summertime Kids – “Know” [MP3]

Summertime Kids – “Storm The Station” [MP3]

Table Manners, released March 3, is available for free at Summertime Kids’ Bandcamp.

[Album art by Simon Smith]

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