[MP3] Chloe Makes Music: “The Duel (feat. Christopher Chu)”

From the same trusted studio source that brought the attention of The Downer Party to my ears comes “The Duel”, by Chloe Makes Music, including vocals from The Morning Benders’ frontman Christopher Chu. Chu actually produced the debut Chloe Makes Music record, The Puppeteer, which was released in January.

Chloe is a gentle vocalist, playing off strong acoustics, and you can tell she and Chu work well with each other. He brings his smooth baritone in “The Duel” to complement her delicate soprano. The voices blend together seamlessly, with the strings adding the little extra spice the song needs. Nothing over the top, which is just the way I like it.

Chloe Makes Music – “The Duel (feat. Christopher Chu)” [MP3]

Chloe Makes Music on Bandcamp

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