The Downer Party

The Downer Party’s name makes sense, I guess. The songs aren’t exactly the happiest stories in the world (downer), but their sounds burst with life (party!). Insightful, right? I know! Thanks.

The foursome is based out of San Francisco and is readying a new EP, Cities, set to drop April 1. The album captures the unbridled energy of growing up through its effervescent harmonies and playful song structures. Lead vocalist Sierra Frost (coolest name ever) has a unique voice, which drips with an intentional juvenility. A few words about the EP from the band*:

It reminds us what life was like at 20 when the world just begins to awkwardly make sense – when one can either inflict self isolation or go out and get laid.

The Downer Party – “Country Kids” [MP3]

The Downer Party – “Chicago” [MP3]

The Downer Party’s blog | Facebook | MySpace

*I’m just full of quoting press releases today; I’m sorry. You guys should be able to see a little of what I see, though, no? Especially when they’re good.

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