Nijae Draine

Nijae Draine, singer/songwriter of the indie pop band Crash Collect, recently recorded and released a solo acoustic EP, Spring Cleaning, with six songs all less than 2:30 each. What results is a quick view into a fragile, honest collection of emotions. (It’s also nice that Nina Simone, a similarly soulful artist, comes right after Draine in my iTunes. Nine Black Alps sorta ruins it after that, though….) If you want to get poetic – StG style – check the accompanying press release with the EP:

certainly, this might just be the most productive she’s ever been. and all in an act of procrastination. sleeping alone in an empty house in a rainy town, for a time. only a time. whats the saying? april, showers. may, flowers. oh wait. its MARCH. a sixteenth of her college career left. careful, “don’t rush.” and then what? fuck. and then what? she surfed the tumultuous waves of the world wide web, crashing against her anxiety. “professionalism.” she attempted to compose her resume. she found it difficult to transcribe her own personal advertisement. onto a sheet of paper. in bullets. “as it should be.” she was good with people. she had mastered microsoft powerpoint. and worked those two shitty years behind a fast food counter. peddling change. no, promoting change. inwards, to an extent. “life skills.” she picked up her guitar. put down the paper. googled the fingering for Dmaj7. three days later, BEHOLD//an EP. Fuck a career, she thought. Fuck it.

Nijae Draine – “Spring Cleaning” [MP3]

Nijae Draine – “Where Lovers Lie” [MP3]

Nijae Draine on Bandcamp | Free EP

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