I don’t know how I missed Teletextile. They’ve been on all sorts of our friends’ sites and have performed at CMJ, among many other nearby places, yet only now am I hearing their music. Guess I should actually listen to something aside from what we post here…novel and modest idea, huh?

Anyway, it […]

Crash Collect

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that I’m featuring Crash Collect a few days after profiling Nijae Draine (the lead singer).

Crash Collect relies less heavily on Draine’s voice than her solo material and incorporates a good deal of electronica. The duo’s sound is poppy and experimental, crescendoing and decrescendoing at unique times. […]

Finn Riggins

When I moved from the D.C. music scene to Farmington, NM I expected close to nothing in the area of “good music.” I got less than that. In my most recent move to Pocatello, ID, home of Idaho State University and a handful of fantastic bars, I expected at least a little more. […]


I don’t know where Kindlewood came from (I mean, physically, they come from the DC area, I’m just surprised I’d never heard them!), but a friendly contact passed them along and I’m impressed. Their debut EP, I Don’t Believe in Ghosts, was released in November 2010, and they’re currently finishing up their first full-length, […]

[MP3] KAUF: “Relocate”

We’ve got a groooovy Saturday tune in KAUF‘s “Relocate”, Ronald Kaufman’s debut single. With a 1980s vibe and and disco overtones, this electronic musician knows how to bring the funk. It’s a trance-inducing slow dance tune, and it puts me at ease. I’m ready for future material from this Los-Angeles based […]

[Abby’s Road] Girl Talk

Since catching a truly amazing supporting act earlier this week (be patient), I have been mulling over women in the music industry. Not so much their involvement in A&R but those actually performing, singing and playing instruments. We all have our lists of favorites and the reasons why they resound in our noggins […]

Summertime Kids

It’s been a mostly mellow week on Knox Road, and that continues with Summertime Kids, the moniker of Gainesville, Florida’s Nick Roberts. He’s 19 years old and has a whole world ahead of him, but it’s slightly disheartening that he’s making such melancholic songs. His first solo album, Table Manners, was recorded at the […]

[MP3] Chloe Makes Music: “The Duel (feat. Christopher Chu)”

From the same trusted studio source that brought the attention of The Downer Party to my ears comes “The Duel”, by Chloe Makes Music, including vocals from The Morning Benders’ frontman Christopher Chu. Chu actually produced the debut Chloe Makes Music record, The Puppeteer, which was released in January.

Chloe is a gentle […]

The Strokes give rock music a mediocre eulogy with Angles

I’ll just go ahead and say what we all already know: Rock music is on it’s last legs. If you’re the kind of person who considers “rock” a genre that constantly evolves, from it’s earliest inception to the blues-influenced British scene to the awful mess that was hair metal to the indie rock […]

Plainclothes Tracy

I needed some music like this. Simple; warm; comfortable.

Plainclothes Tracy is a five-piece folk pop band out of Knoxville, Tennessee. They’re still in the beginning phase of their career together, which you can tell from the somewhat unvaried music throughout their self-titled EP, but their sound keeps my ears keen. It’s wonderfully […]