It’s a folk-americana/folk-rock song-cycle that was largely written after I quit my job in Moscow and went off alone into Siberia, and was recorded almost exclusively in one day this past December in New York.

I don’t think I’ve ever started off a post before with a pull quote, but this seemed too good to pass up. Wandering solo into Siberia? Recording an entire album in one day?? It symbolizes what Balto (the project of Daniel Sheron) is, and sounds, to me.

On the heels of Mumford & Sons making a Grammy nomination splash, Balto enters the scene. The six-man crew (including our man Philippe Bronchtein from Hip Hatchet) have that familiar folksy/bluegrass sound, with soothing harmonies and soft acoustics.

Balto – “The Railyard” [MP3]

Balto – “The Lover” [MP3]

Balto released their debut album, October’s Road, on February 16, 2011.

Balto on Bandcamp

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