Don’t you just love it when a bunch of friends and loved ones come together as a band? The chemistry is already there, they know each other’s tendencies, now they just get to jam together. So. Beautiful. Sigh.

Sunbeam is a six-piece baroque pop band out of Portland, Oregon, started by husband and wife duo, Brian and Amy Hall. They quickly recruited four of their close friends, which made for quite the jovial music (if you can’t tell from the above photo…). The sound is founded in modern folk, but it’s not downtrodden; it’s shimmering, flavorful, and full of smiles.

Sunbeam – “Honey” [MP3]

Sunbeam – “Bulldogs” [MP3]

Sunbeam’s debut album, Sunbeam and the Lovely Ghost, will be released early this Summer. Makes sense.

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