[MP3s] Casa del Mirto: “The Haste” + “The Right Way”

Casa del Mirto, aka some dude named Marco, has a new album, 1979, coming out digitally January 15 and later in the month on vinyl and cassette/tape (heyo, Stars on C-30!).  He blends textured, light synth with his older “House” style material to instill a delightful calm in his new music.  I quite like how he describes his new sound:

The first 2 albums, “Supertrendycoolfashion” and “Numero Uno”, almost touched the sound of 90s House. I used to write music for clubs and discos, but at the end I got tired of it. I always liked chamber music, intimate and introspective. So I felt the need to create something that one could listen also with a headset, giving shape to songs rather than tunes to dance at. Now CdM is an outfit that I am happier to wear, without it I would feel naked.

1979 will be released via Mashhh! Records. Dig into a couple of the singles below.

Casa del Mirto – “The Haste” [MP3]

Casa del Mirto – “The Right Way” [MP3]

Casa del Mirto on MySpace

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