Rökkurró is an Icelandic (how’d you guess??) quintet that sounds exactly like what you’d expect from the band name and the album art above. Which is a good thing. Their music is charming, graceful, and exquisite. The compositions buoy themselves to soaring levels, with the prettiest female vocals that side of the Atlantic (…it’s just a saying, guys – they’d be pretty anywhere). I especially love the end of “Sólin mun skína”, with the playful, resonant harmony.

Their sophomore album, Í Annan Heim (In Another World), was produced by Alex Somers, partner and music collaborator of Jónsi. How can it go wrong?

Rökkurró – “Sólin mun skína” [MP3]

Rökkurró – “Skuggamyndir” [MP3]

Rökkurró – “Augun opnast” [MP3]

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