Little Light

Little Light was recommended by good friend Brendan Losch, he of Bullets in Madison and, um, Brendan Losch. Considering how much Brendan knows about music and how it essentially takes over every facet of his life, I never take his suggestions lightly. Which continues to be the right decision.

Little Light recently released their debut EP, aptly titled The Winter EP, and it shows their overwhelming potential. Unfortunately, I know little to zilch about the duo, except that they’re based in Chicago, their names are Alain de Courtenay and Gia Margaret, and they have “0” plays listed on MySpace. (Which is completely false, since I definitely listened to those songs several times when Brendan sent their info over.)

I also know that I can curl up to this music during these cold Winter days and my problems slowly drift away. Get cozy with the Little Light folks – they sure seem like nice people. There are some things you can just tell from music.

Happy weekend.

Little Light – “Shutter Speed” [MP3]

Little Light – “Blue Impossible Moon” [MP3]

Little Light on MySpace

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